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Converse occupy an almost unique position as a footwear brand today. Only Coca Cola can stake a comparable claim to be a universally recognised brand having made their reputation off the back of one single product.
That product is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Its journey from practicality to popularity is little short of remarkable, and a testament to the timelessness of the design. Colours and patterns may have changed, but the staples - rubber soles, toecaps, and the iconic All Star ankle patch - have all remained intact.
The company was founded by Marquis M. Converse in 1908, but it wasn’t until they launched the All Star in 1917 that the company truly established themselves. Aimed at the growing basketball market, the All Star was refined by a basketball player and company spokesman named Charles “Chuck” Taylor in the 1920s. Taylor travelled the United States tirelessly promoting both the sport he loved and the shoes he played it in. Until the late 1960s, Chuck Taylors were worn by the vast majority of professional basketball players, and were also a popular choice for American GIs in training during World War II.
Nowadays, Converse shoes are worn by sportsmen, skaters, music fans, adults, teenagers and just about everybody else you are likely to find on today’s high street! Not bad for a style that owes its fame to Chuck’s practical needs as a professional basketball player! Chucks boast a famous wearers list longer than any other piece of apparel in history. Visionary rockers like Bruce Springsteen and Jimi Hendrix share footwear with the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry, and even Dr Who favoured a cream pair in his tenth iteration - if that’s not a testament to their timeless quality, we don’t know what is!
Of course, these days Converse shoes and boots are popular because they allow the wearer to express themselves. They’re available in a massive range of colours and patterns, and their simple design makes them versatile enough to work with a huge number of outfits.
At Cloggs UK, we’ve sourced an incredible assortment of styles for adults and children alike to give our customers one of the best choices of Converse in the UK. We've got the classic Chuck Taylors in both high top and Ox designs, and realised in the classic canvas style as well as the hugely popular leather and rubber variations. All are available with the unrivaled Cloggs' customer experience.

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